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Black pearl necklace is one of accessories you can wear to boost your elegance. However, you can only get this effect, when you wear it in right way. So, here are some of tips, how to wear this beautiful and exotic jewelry, to get best effect.
  • You can wear simple necklace, such as collar or choker. Combine it with simple pastel or creamy colored clothes and you are ready to go. It will give you sophisticated looks.
  • Wear black pearl pendant and combine it with black suit. It gives you classic appearance that brims with elegance.
  • You also can choose black and white pearl necklace from Chanel. This necklace will look great, if you combine it with black dress.
  • Wear multiple layer of black pearl. However, if you do it just like that, it will give you gothic, dark and gloomy looks. So, combine it with blazer and light color shirt under it. It will tone it done, and give a birth to powerful appearance.

Wearing It on Casual Occasions

Black pearl indeed give you elegance and formal looks. However, you also can wear it, when you hangout with your friend, shopping or other casual occasions. What you need to do are:

  • Combine the black pearl with multiple layer of chain or beads necklace. Then, wear jeans, snicker and t-shirt or other casual and street outfits. That will give you cool looks.
  • You also can choose necklace that has combination between black pearl with gold or gemstones. It fit with casual outfits; in fact it will be great accessories for your date.

Wearing It on Formal Occasions

Parties, funeral, fundraisers or other similar occasions are considered as formal moment, where you can wear the black pearl. The main purpose here is letting the black pearl accessories stand you out from the crowd. And to do that, here are the methods.

  • Use refined diamond black pearl necklace that use Y chain and diamonds as complementary. Combine it with evening gown, and you will get best looks. Wear earring that also use black pearl as well. And, even though you choose the simples evening gown, this combination of accessories will make you become the most beautiful guest that night.
  • Chunky statement black pearls set are also good choice. In fact, if you can combine it with other necklaces made of precious stone, like diamonds or rubies; you get best accessories for attending the gala party. More than that, these accessories will match with any occasion and any time you wear it.

Basically, black pearl is powerful stones. It is different than other type of stones. And it has ability to boost your appearance significantly. With all methods that we explained above, you will get the best one from this magnificent stone.