When people talk about vacations for singles, this usually brings to mind images of loud, busy night clubs, wild behavior, and lots of late nights. In many circles “single” has become synonymous with “partygoer”, but what if you’re the kind of person who prefers peace and quiet, time to think, and no distractions?

Kastelorizo, Greece

Travel agencies may not particularly cater to your market niche, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t still find a perfect place to get away on your own, far from the hustle and bustle of the average rowdy singles resort.

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For the perfect blend of tranquility and beautiful surroundings, you’d be hard pressed to find a vacation spot more suitable than Kastelorizo, a tiny gem of an island just off the Mediterranean coast of Turkey.

Kastelorizo is the the smallest of the Dodecanese, and only has one small village-like town, on the north side of the island. This is the center of life for this rejuvenating, enigmatic place, and the calming energy coming from it will be evident from the moment you arrive.

There is an airstrip at the very top of this mountainous island, but by far the most common way to get to Kastelorizo is by passenger ferry, usually from the nearby Turkish town of Kaş. The boat ride takes about half an hour, and is a relaxing trip in itself.

As you feel the sea breeze in your hair and lounge on the cushioned deck of the ferry, you can enjoy fantastic views of the Turkish landscape on one side, and the Greek landscape on the other. As you approach the island, the town’s marina comes into view, and it’s a sight which is guaranteed to take your breath away.

Navigation on the island is easy; you can walk from one side of the marina-centric town to the other in about five minutes, and investigating further simply involves ducking into the alleyways between buildings and exploring to your heart’s content.

There are almost no cars on the island, so you won’t encounter much in the way of traffic noise or pollution. Around every corner there is another surprise – either a beautiful building, a secret path, or perhaps just a gorgeous glimpse of the marina from above.

With nothing much but a single small town on the island, you might wonder if it would get repetitive to spend more than a day there. Absolutely not. Kastelorizo is certainly uncomplicated, and that’s the stress-relieving part of its charm, but it is never boring.

If you get tired of your hotel room or hanging out by the marina, there are so many choices for activities that you’ll hardly know where to start. There’s not much in the way of organized tours, but that’s just because this is still an unspoiled area, not overrun with hordes of tourists.

If you avoid coming in the peak of the summer, you’ll virtually have the place to yourself, and this leaves everything open for you to discover at your leisure.

Bring some good walking or hiking shoes, because pretty much everything outside the marina area is at least somewhat up the mountain, and you can hike all the way to the top if you are so inclined.

Even if you stick to the roads and enormous pedestrian staircases (which really come in handy), the continuous ascent will test your fitness and have your feet hurting if you don’t come prepared. As you head upward, there are numerous churches of architectural interest, as well as a mosque or two.

There is also a museum that has a surprisingly beautiful collection of antiquities, and if your stamina allows you to climb to the upper parts of the island, you’ll be rewarded with some of the most spectacular views you’ve ever seen. If you’re feeling really adventurous, you can even take a small boat to the uninhabited side of the island, where you’ll visit the Blue Grotto, a gorgeous sea cave named for the brilliant blue color produced when refracted sunlight shines up from under the water.

In the evening there are quite a few restaurants and bars open around the marina area, and during the busier times of the summer there is even a small bit of night life. Safety is never an issue; crime is virtually non-existant here, and you can walk around on your own, even at night, with complete confidence.

Mostly, though, this is not a place for those who like to stay out late. Things get started early and settle down early, leaving the island quiet so you can enjoy your beauty rest in one of Kastelorizo’s quaint, charming, comfortable hotels.

Of course you love being around your friends and family, and your cherish your busy social life, but sometimes it really is nice to get away from everything and everyone and have some time to yourself.

Kastelorizo is not a difficult trip to organize, and it is the perfect place to rest for a while and watch your troubles wash away, carried out by the current of perfectly blue, shining sea.

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