Our Team


Helena began her career as a writer in 2003. Her first published work was an article full of crafting tips for Creative Home Arts Magazine. Soon after, she landed a steady gig writing for Essortment.com where she wrote about a vast array of topics including finance, home improvement, fashion, health, advice, and of course crafts.

A year later, the company fulfilled their need for content, and decided to redirect their funds into a new website. Helena was among their best writers so she was invited to work for ExpertVillage.com to get it up and running. She focused on financial topics.

Eventually, the website shifted from primarily written content to video content. Helena moved on to another content production company where she wrote nearly 100 education articles for various education-oriented websites. Needing more variety, she became a writer for IQrious.com, creating research tutorials on a short-term basis.

Afterwards, she joined the team of writers at blackpearlnecklace.net and feels back at home writing about various topics much like her first job.

This thirst for knowledge on a variety of subjects is a natural trait for Helena. Having many interests and believing that the best way to learn is to find out for herself, she has implemented her knack for research into a continual education beyond the rigors of school.

Her many pursuits throughout her life are further evidence of her varied interests. At the age of 13 she began selling beaded jewelry, which she not only made but also designed herself. Spending her teenage years within the craft fair circuit taught her plenty about creative works as well as business practices.

As an adult, she found the opportunity to use her beading abilities on a more prestigious level, redesigning the Hair Charm line for HairThread.com and working directly with the CEO, Paula Patrice. She has sought out other unique and interesting opportunities as well.

She has been a model at the Clix studio in Richmond, VA, she has produced professional graphic design work for the company Health Wave, and she had a thriving pet sitting business in her hometown back in Virginia.

And let’s not forget the numerous freelance writing and editing opportunities that she has taken besides the steady writing jobs listed above. She’s the type of person that sees an opportunity, takes it, and makes the best of it.

Another opportunity she has seized is within her personal life. In November 2007, Helena married her beloved husband and moved with him to Texas. She is a newlywed and eventually plans to become a mother.

Amidst these events, she still pursues her many and ever-growing interests. These include, first and foremost, spending time with her husband, and then caring for the cats in the neighborhood, gardening, internet networking, financial management, blogging, learning from friends with children, scrapbooking, and she’s trying to have an interest for cooking but just hasn’t grasped it yet.


Marissa love affair with words began when she was seven years old, and was the youngest winner of her school’s “Book Week” essay contest.

Standing on the auditorium stage with two fifth-graders and two sixth-graders was the most frightening and thrilling experience she’d had in her young life up to that time. And it was that thrill at being recognized for her writing that led Marissa to pursue a Master’s Degree in American Literature at Fordham University, and to eventually become a journalist.

However, the road to her writing career was far from smooth. There were a number of other stops along the way that included several years of teaching middle school, stints as a corporate Training Director in the banking and retail industries, and the owner of a training consultancy.

It was what she learned training small business owners to run their companies better that was the key to her first job as a writer.

An online publisher recruited her to write “How To” articles targeted at readers who were trying to start their own companies. The publication known as ybn (your business network) ran for several years, and Marissa remained with them until they stopped publishing.

The years after that included writing for many publications, both print and electronic, and covering a varied assortment of topics ranging from fashion accessories to insurance and risk management. The one thing all of these assignments had in common was that they allowed Marissa to develop her skills as a writer, researcher, and interviewer.

Her current assignment with blackpearlnecklace.net should prove to be no exception to this. Marissa writes about cooking, entertaining, decorating, and DIY; activities she has long pursued as hobbies. Her interest in cooking began because of health reasons — she wanted to find a way to create flavorful dishes without using certain popular ingredients that weren’t easily digestible for her.

Her love for do-it-yourself projects was inherited from her father who firmly believed that you could usually find a way to fix most things yourself. Entertaining and decorating were skills she deliberately developed when, as a young teacher with very little money, she wanted to find ways to have friends over and provide them with great food in beautiful surroundings and still enjoy the experience.

Perfecting all of these skills is still very much a work in progress. What began with reading just about anything she could find on these subjects, eventually turned into attending classes and becoming a devotee of the various cable channel networks that provide instructional material about these subjects. When Marissa isn’t working, you’ll probably find her tuned in to one of these channels.

Other leisure activities she likes to indulge in with her family are taking day trips to interesting locations, going to the theater and concerts, and entertaining friends and extended family members.

Marissa believes that anything you do is an opportunity to learn, and that you should always embrace every opportunity when it comes. If you let an opportunity pass by, you may never get a chance like that again.


I am a Christian woman, a wife, and a stay at home mother of three young children. I am a daughter, a sister, a friend, and a lover. I am a secretary, a graphic and web designer, an event planner, a maid, a psychologist, a babysitter, a taxi driver, a chef, a baker, a shoulder, an ear, and a tissue.

I am loved, needed, liked, respected, and appreciated. I am disliked, not needed, disrespected, unappreciated, and taken for granted. I am accounts payable and receivable, customer service and maintenance. I am strong and I am weak. I can carry two children, 5 bags of groceries, my purse, diaper bag, and a backpack, all while locking the car door and then unlocking the front door.

I am the changer of diapers, trainer of proper potty usage, washer of hands, cleaner of little bodies, brusher of teeth, clother of children, styler of hair, doer of laundry, maker of beds, cleaner of bathrooms, getter of groceries, keeper of the calendar, and enforcer of the schedule.

I am a teacher, a problem solver, a homework helper, and a silent partner. I am a fear chaser, a pray-er, a hand holder, a hugger, an encourager, and a mentor. I am an electrician and a plumber. I am a horsey, a mat, a chair, a pillow, a tickle monster, a princess, a building constructor, an artist, and a storyteller.

I am the doctor, the nurse, and the medicine. I am the good guy, the bad guy, and the referee. I am the party planner, decorator, caterer, present buyer, gift wrapper, photographer and clean up crew. According to my 4 year old daughter, I am “the best mommy ever!” I work 24/7, yet I am not employed “full time”.

I work long hours, for no pay, but the rewards are immeasurable! I am strong in my faith, and I get wisdom, comfort, energy, joy, love, fulfillment, encouragement, hope, correction, and discernment from my Father God! I am a Christian woman, a wife, and a mother.


Born and raised in Los Angeles to parents who left Egypt to escape jihadist attacks, Angela writes and speaks on political, social, and gender issues, with particular emphasis on the Islamofascist war on the West. After graduating with a B.A. in History from UCLA, Angela taught Social Studies as a high school teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District for seven years.

As a teacher, she oversaw student multi-cultural activities and Educational Tours of Washington DC. Angela left teaching in order to enter the non-profit world, as the director of a Christian women’s organization.

She has spoken to women’s groups and churches both nationally and internationally, including the nations of Canada, Latvia, and South Africa, on being women of influence. Angela is currently writing her first book, highlighting the unique history-shaping influence women possess.

She hosted Lores Live Sunday nights on KRLA 870 AM in Los Angeles from February 2006 until February 2008. Angela currently hosts Lores Live Sundays 2-4pm and is a regular fill-in host for Michael Berry on 740 KTRH in Houston. She continues to teach and lives with her husband in Katy, Texas.


Kelli has been passionate about writing since childhood, and has pursued her goal of becoming a professional writer and editor. She graduated from Louisiana Tech University with a BA, majoring in Political Science and minoring in both English and History. After college she spent two years doing volunteer work, one at her alma mater and one in Central Asia.

Much of her work included writing and organizing various types of media presentations, as well as teaching English and coaching Little League Baseball. Upon returning to the United States, Kelli began working as a writer and editor for the parent company of Totally Her.

She lives in Houston, TX, where she spends her free time playing guitar, watching sci fi movies, volunteering at her church, and spending time with friends and family.