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If you ever find yourself in a situation where your stove is being occupied by someone else, or you don’t have a standard sized stove on hand, you’ll find that the use of the best portable electric stove can get you out of a sticky situation.

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Whether you’re in a campground or at an event needing culinary backup, an electric stove has your back.

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Benefits of a Portable Electric Stove

One of the primary benefits of using an electric stove is that it’s readily available for you to transport around from location to location. In having this, you’ll be able to cook and eat practically anything that’s available to be cooked on a stovetop. As long as you don’t need an oven, you should be just fine when you’re out and about with your portable stove. You may find one useful during hotel trips, as well.

If you travel on business, bringing a portable stove could save you hundreds of dollars (maybe even thousands) per year on food costs. You’ll no longer have to pay outrageous delivery fees and feel pressured to hip on top of the cost of your food.

Another advantage to using a portable stove includes the speed in which it takes to heat up. With gas stoves, it may take much longer to reach optimal heat settings, whereas electric stoves provide you with almost immediate heat for cooking. If you are someone on a time constriction, a portable stove will do you just fine.

For those who find a home in hotel rooms, having a stove to take care of elsewhere may not be practical. In having a portable electric stove, you can speed up your cleaning time by minutes, as you won’t have an oven to clean, too.

Why $50 and Up is Better Than $20 and Below

While buying cheaper doesn’t necessarily always mean worse, for the best portable electric stove, it unfortunately rings true. Anything under $20 in the world of primary cooking tools means that you’re wasting your money and hoping for something worthwhile. In terms of a normal stove and oven, induction cookers cost more than gas stoves naturally. However, there are many advantages to taking the plunge and purchasing something that is a little pricier.

Cheaper stove tops will only allow you to cook at specific temperatures that may not be optimal for what you need it for. The cheaper models also tend to short out and break much quicker than those that are quality with the price reflecting of this.

With more expensive models, you’ll see that the money is worth the while and you won’t be throwing it away for an inexpensive model that’ll short out rather quickly. Inexpensive models aren’t meant to reach certain temperatures, despite their use, and the manufacturers generally find loopholes to work around just to make a quick buck.

The Best Portable Electric Stove Reviews

The Waring DB60 Portable Double Burner

Waring DB60 Portable Double Burner

Waring DB60 Portable Double Burner with pan


One of the most purchased on the market due to its reliability and efficiency, the Waring DB60 is one that’s worth a glance, especially for the inexpensive price. Features of this cast-iron dream include:

  • Double burner incorporation
  • Measures 19.5″ by 11.5″
  • Stainless-steel housing, non-slip rubber feet, low-silhouette design
  • Individual adjustable thermostats
  • Separate “on” and “ready” lights for optimal convenience

As mentioned, traveling can be complicated if you don’t have the proper cooking tools. For those that are camping or traveling hotel to hotel on business, you’ll find that the double burner incorporation will allow you to become a master chef on the road and minimize cooking time. You’ll be able to enjoy a full meal by utilizing both burners to deliver a quality meal on the road.

As for size, you won’t have to worry about this taking priority over a quality shirt for work, as it only measures 19.5 inches by 11.5 inches. The thickness of this portable electric stove is a mere 4 inches, with a guarantee for a perfect low silhouette.

In having this, you won’t have to worry about it being bulky and taking up a majority of your luggage or RV storage space. You can also plug this in a normal outlet, so you don’t have to have any special requests wherever you go.

The stainless-steel housing and non-slip rubber feet gripping allows you to lug this around even in the harshest traveling conditions. Let’s face it: if you’ve gone through a luggage searching or have waited for your luggage from bus drivers or another mode of transport that allows portable stoves, you know that the employees generally don’t care about what’s in there; your double burner electric stove will survive journey.

With individual adjustable thermostats for optimal focus cooking and separate lights for “on” and “ready”, you’ll never miss a bit when cooking.

One drawback is that both burners are not large, as one is small and one is large. If you need to cook two large items, you can test the smaller one and get some heat to it, but it may take longer for you to cook your meals.

However, this doesn’t affect the performance of the portable electric stove, as it delivers quality heat for your uncooked meals. Overall, this is definitely worth a purchase and a nifty addition to any camping or traveler’s suitcase.

DUXTOP 1800W Portable Electric Stove

DUXTOP Portable Electric Cast Iron Cooktop Countertop Burner Double


The DUXTOP cast iron cooktop stove looks as if it was created by the Food Network. The Luxurious design of stainless steel makes it look modern and fresh, while boasting many features such as:

  • Individual adjustable thermostats, heat indicator lights
  • Durable cast iron plates, stainless-steel housing
  • Lightweight and easy to move around
  • Dual heating plates

Equipped with a 1300-watt large burner for cooking and boiling, as well as a 500-watt small burner for focus cooking, the DUXTOP has individual adjustable thermostats and light indicators so you’re aware of your food every step of the way.

Durable cast iron plates and stainless-steel housing ensure that your countertop cooking device won’t break if your transportation becomes a little shifty at times. Lightweight and easy to move around, you won’t have to worry about dragging a large item around on top of everything you need for traveling or camping.

For those who are worried about how large of a footprint they may have to make room for, you’ll be happy to know that this low-silhouette countertop cooking tool is a dream and has a minimal footprint – both carbon and physical.

The one drawback to this item is you’ll need to use a standard size pan on the smaller burner, so it won’t interfere with the larger burner. While this doesn’t affect the performance of the portable stove whatsoever, it may be something to look out for if you’re a fan of cooking with overly large pots and pans. Overall, for the quality it delivers and the price, the DUXTOP is one I’d highly recommend.

SECURA 8100MC Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Stove

Secura Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner Gold


With an appearance more like a DJ’s music accessory, the Secura 8100MC is a single burner tabletop cooking dream. Sleek and minimal in design, features of the Secura include:

  • Auto-pan detection
  • Digital control panel
  • Made for cast iron and stainless steel tools
  • High timer increments
  • Standard outlet usage

The auto-pan detection is a feature that many others don’t have, and allows for automatic shutoff in 60 seconds if there is no pan or pot detected. Designed with a diagnostic error message system, this ensures that you won’t leave the portable stove on all night, leaving the potential of fires at an all time low.

With a warning system for both low and high voltages, you won’t have to worry about a thing, despite its single burner design. The digital control panel also makes it extremely easy to operate the countertop stove.

Designed specifically for cast iron and stainless-steel (with magnetic bottom) cookwear, you shouldn’t use anything else on this, as it does heat up quite a bit. While it does warm up quickly and to more than ideal temperatures, you can cook a variety of items that others can’t.

Like a normal oven, this countertop stove also has a built-in countdown timer with 5 minute increments and can plan as high as 170 minutes (2 hours, 10 minutes). In having this, you’ll have more leeway when trying to cook better meals on the go or out in the wilderness.

The one disadvantage to this tabletop stove is that it’s only a single burner, not a double burner. While those who need something simple will be pleased, those who are used to extravagant meals on the road may find solace in finding a larger burner system.

However, the performance of this single burner Secura is not short of a dream and does more than what’s required. Because you’re able to plug into any standard outlet and get on your merry way with cooking, you won’t have to worry about finding specifically outlets in hotels or run the risk of not being able to cook at all, as you’ll get to work with an electric stove catered to normal power outlets.

NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop

NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop

NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop with pan


NuWave is one of the top brands in cookwear and cooking tools, from blenders to portable, electric stoves. The NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop stove is one of the best sellers in the market currently, and provides focus attention to one pot or pan, rather than mediocre focus and cooking of two separate things. In taking this risk, they’ve been able to become one of the best and the one to beat. Features of the NuWave include:

  • 6 pre-programmed temperature settings, 52 different temperatures total
  • Up to 100 hours of program memory
  • Can boil, deep-fry, stir-fry, simmer, saute, steam and sear, slow cook, BBQ, melt, and grill
  • 70% less energy used

The lightweight and portable stovetop cooking device allows you to use 70% less energy than conventional portable electric stoves. In doing this, you can spend more money on the actual food you want to cook or put it away for more traveling!

With up to 100 hours of programmable memory, you won’t have to worry about re-doing your settings every time. The versatility that the NuWave provides allows you to cook at 52 different temperatures, or 6 pre-sets that come with the portable electric stove automatically. If you’re wondering what this can offer in terms of versatility in cooking, the NuWave is capable of:

  • Stir-fry
  • Simmer
  • Saute
  • Steam and sear
  • Slow cook
  • BBQ
  • Melt
  • Grill
  • Deep-fry
  • Boil

Now, you may be wondering if there is anything hidden that’s a drawback to this portable stovetop cooking dream, and unfortunately there is: it’s only a single burner. You can let out a sigh of relief knowing that you don’t have to put off purchasing, as it’s a disadvantage that’s out in the open, but it doesn’t affect the performance of the cookware, at all. Overall, this is a countertop stove that I highly recommend because of what it can do, the price, and the portability.

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The Final Verdict

With so many options on the market today, finding the best portable electric stove can be overwhelming, Hopefully the options that I’ve found and personally used will aid you in finding the best for your lifestyle.

If you’re still unsure of which to go with, the NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop Stove is one of the best, despite being a single burner. It’s precision and ability to remain durable use after use put it to the forefront of the best, although the Secura is also a fantastic purchase.

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