After a difficult pregnancy laden with restrictions, which included limited exercising and an ensuing weight gain of 55 pounds, getting back into a simple but healthy exercise program as soon as possible after giving birth was extremely important to me.

I was still pregnant when I began looking toward my post-pregnancy workout, anticipating the day when I would once again be able to be physically active. My search quickly met with discouragement, however — every post-pregnancy workout I located told me to wait at least six weeks before beginning the program.

This frustrated me to no end. Surely I wouldn’t have to completely restrict myself for another six weeks after giving birth!

I knew I would be tired due to having a newborn, but I also knew my personality was such that I would need something, even if it was just a simple stretching routine, to help me feel my best while in postpartum recovery. I was just about to admit defeat and give up my search when I found Karrie Adamany’s Post-Pregnancy Pilates workout book.

During labor I sustained third degree tearing and a severely torn chest muscle, which made going back into a regular workout a slow and challenging process. But Karrie’s Post-Pregnancy Pilates helped me get back into a healthy workout pattern, and in such a way that I was still able to heal while gradually retraining the muscles that had changed structure and tone during my pregnancy.

Karrie begins the workout with basic and simple exercises that can be used immediately after giving birth. These exercises involve simply relearning to breath, stand, and sit correctly, now that the weight of pregnancy is no longer making those things difficult.

Instead of causing pain or stress to areas that are painful on the post-labor body, these exercises instead bring a feeling of relief and release from tension.

In the beginning of Karrie’s program, she helps a postpartum woman get in touch with muscles that were over-taxed and used in a brand new way during pregnancy, and which need to relearn healthy positioning and use.

Using simple breathing and stretching techniques, Karrie leads the reader into a basic and foundational workout that is pain free and actually becomes a great stress reliever for a new Mama.

As the postpartum weeks progress, Karrie gradually adds more pilates and yoga-based exercises into the program. The second part of the book contains exercises that go beyond stretching but do not yet reach into full pilates/yoga moves.

Always striving to retrain muscles, while at the same time offering tension release to the body, Karrie gently moves the new Mom into a six to twelve week postpartum workout.

By the end of the second part of Karrie’s program the body is able to begin incorporating true yoga and pilates-based exercises at a measured pace, that at the same time finally begin to challenge muscles so that a feeling of truly working out results. By the end of the third segment of this program a woman’s body should be completely ready to go back to her pre-pregnancy workout.

When I first started Karrie’s Post-Pregnancy Pilates workout program, I was at first disappointed with how easy it was, and was worried that I wasn’t doing enough to get back into shape. However, by the time I had finished all three portions of the program, as outlined in the book, I was not only ready to become reacquainted with my pre-pregnancy workout videos, I was surprised and pleased to find that my first times through them were not at all difficult.

Now, at nine months postpartum, I can say with all honesty that I am actually in better shape currently than I was prior to pregnancy. I do not think this would have happened if I had not started out in that first postpartum week using Karrie’s program. I consider this book to be a must-have for any woman about to give birth or who has just given birth and desires to begin getting back into pre-pregnancy shape!

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