Gardens are wonderful but not everyone has a big yard to plant a big garden in. If you would love to have a garden but don’t have the yard for it, then consider container gardening. With containers, everyone can have a garden even if they only have a few square feet of balcony, patio, deck or rooftop.

Plants change with the seasons and maintaining container flower gardens offer you a wide range of creative outlets in decorating a sunny part of your home. The first thing that you need remember when designing container flower gardens is to make sure your plants get enough sunlight.

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If the open part of your home where you plan to build a container flower garden is not exposed to sufficient amount of sunlight, it is best that you settle for shade-tolerant plants. These plants do not need that much sunlight but still manage to develop a lush foliage and some even have flowers that bloom. Examples of shade-tolerant plants include hosta heuchera, coleus, ivy and licorice.

The basic and most important thing in having a container garden is that the containers must have enough holes that can provide adequate drainage. These holes allow for the water to drain out which keeps your plants from “drowning” in standing water.

It is also important to settle for the largest pots that you can use for the area. The scale of the outdoor garden demands bigger space for growth and in container flower gardening, you have to compensate with larger pots and containers. It is always better to purchase one big container instead of several small ones.

In designing your container flower garden, it is best to feature at least three plants with bright accents. The bright flowers of these plants will provide focal points and you can easily place filler plants around to create a wonderful garden design. For symmetry and easier arrangement, use odd numbers of containers.

Flowers in containers are not much different from those that you plant directly in the soil. They also need an ample amount of nutrition and frequent watering. Make sure that you provide them with sufficient nutrients with fertilizers. Slow release fertilizers that are high in phosphorus and potassium are best for flowers. These two macronutrients will aid root growth and provide nutrition that will help in bloom development.

Daily watering is very important in container flower gardens. This is even more vital during summer and on hot days in order to keep the plants from drying and dying. For easier and more convenient watering, make sure that you arrange your pots in groups. There are also irrigation systems for patios and balconies which you can install and have your plants watered automatically, even when you’re not around.

With the use of containers everyone can have a beautiful garden even if you live in a high rise apartment in the middle of the city!

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