Most people – perhaps including you – have no problems when they have to cook for themselves or for family. It’s not even a problem when they have to cook for larger family members when there’s family gathering, for example. But when they’re required to cook for lots of people – I mean really lots of people – they would refuse or get nervous because that’s a big job and takes a big responsibility.

Well, you needn’t feel that way, actually, if you know how to manage and do it. Get rid of those images of being stuck behind the stove, pans, and everything for a long time. Cooking for large crowds shouldn’t be a frightening and horror experience.

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The key to success cooking for large crowds is about the planning. You must plan everything carefully and in details. Here are some ways that might help you in preparing your cooking plan.

– Plan and decide what kind of meal you want to serve. You don’t need to cook something grandeur, but you shouldn’t cook something very simple either, like frozen pizza or toast. Come on, everyone can do that. You don’t want to look rude and insulting, do you?

– Think about the target crowds. Will they be dominated by teenagers or young people? Will they be mostly women or middle aged people? By knowing the crowds, you know about the eating pattern and can estimate how much food you need to cook. Teenagers or young people tend to eat a lot more than women or middle aged people. So at least you know how much portion you should prepare.

– Make sure you know how many people will come. After that, you might want to add several extra portions in case there are more people coming.

– After you find out the numbers of people, you can figure out the sizes of the ingredients. Some people just double or triple the number of ingredients to accommodate large crowds. Some perfectionists, however, recalculate the serving size to specific details. There’s nothing wrong with both ways. You can choose which one suits you the best.

– When you go shopping, you can always buy the ingredients you need in bulk. It’s a good shopping way when you need to cook for lots of people.

– It’s also best to cook everything in regular sizes and routines rather in abundance. For example, when you’re cooking lasagna in the triple size manner, it’s better to cook in three normal and regular size pans rather than to cook in one gigantic pan for the triple size. There are two reasons why it’s the better way. First, it’s consistent and similar with your regular cooking, so you won’t find big problem concerning the method or the taste. Second, when there’s something wrong, it’s better to mess up and lose one pan rather than the whole pan.

– It’s a good idea to rest before and after your big cooking day. Resting before the day enables you to concentrate and use your full energy during the day. Resting after the day will allow you to restore your spent energy.

– When you experience sudden dizziness or faster heart beat, stop for a second. Sit, drink plenty of water, and let yourself have a break for a moment. Pushing yourself over the limit won’t help at all.

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