You and most people are accustomed to cooking for the whole family, which means you would cook for about 3, 4, or 5 people. But when something happens and you’re forced to come face to face with a new change that leaves you alone, you’re forced to change a lot of habits, including your cooking habit.

Divorce, death, children growing up and moving out are the reasons behind those changes. You used to cook for some people, now you only need to cook for one: yourself.

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Some people find this fact quite difficult and leave them being confused about what they should do. That shouldn’t happen. Consider it as a challenge, a new adventure, where you can get a lot of benefits because there are many advantages you can get by cooking for one.

First, naturally, it’s cheaper to cook for one person than for many. So when you cook for yourself, consider you’re saving quite a lot. Second, you get to explore your cooking skills and curiosity. If you’ve wanted to learn to cook Italian food, for example, now is the right moment.

If you want to try more advanced or difficult cuisine, you can always start right away. Not only you get new skills and knowledge but also nobody will suffer when your experiment goes wrong by tasting your cooking.

Third, you can have efficient, less money and less effort way by cooking freezable food. When you finish cooking and have some of your own cooking, you can keep the remaining in a food container and later have some when you feel like it. When you feel like cooking, you can always cook several dishes at the same time and then store them. By doing this, you can have a freezer full of food supply, which you can choose and eat any time you want.

There are tons of ways to enjoy your cooking for one session. It’s always a pleasure to be able to sit and enjoy your meal with a good wine and good accompanying song. You don’t need to go through the hassle of food preparing and also dining preparing routine.

You can cook anytime you want, with the preparation and method that you like. If you’re confused about what to cook, no sweat! There are many cooking books for one available around you; in stores or online. You can even download many free recipes from cooking websites. Even if you don’t feel like spending some money to buy the cooking books, you can always look for them from the library. You can even borrow one if you want to.

The point is that there’re many ways to find recipes for one. There’re also many ways to enjoy your sole condition. Enjoying food alone shouldn’t be dreadful and feel pathetic. Being alone doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and enjoy your recent situation. Keep in mind that in everything that happens in your life, there’s always a silver lining on it. So, stop moping around and enjoy your life!

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