Sometimes we’re required to cook for special occasion, such as family gathering or picnic. When we hear the word ‘special occasion’, we tend to get nervous and then try to prepare something special and one of a kind.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Cooking for special occasion means to have fun during togetherness. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you’re cooking; it’s the bond and relationship during the cooking event that counts. When you over-planned or over-done everything, it might end up being disastrous. You surely don’t want that to happen, right?

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There’re several ways to make sure that the occasion can run smoothly along with your cooking practice. You can always cook your specialty food, since you’re so good with it. To make it a bit different – and also look impressive – adorn and decorate it. Your food looks great and different and you don’t have to pour extra energy in making it. Keep it simple.

As long as the taste is wonderful, it won’t matter to the audience. You need to keep in mind that in these family gathering or picnic, you don’t need to show off your expertise in advanced culinary products. Instead of cooking Veal ala Carte or other French-sound-meal, it’s better to cook the homey-ordinary cooking, like mash potatoes or killer salad that everyone loves. There’s no use of cooking complicated meal, if in the end no one would be interested in eating it.

It’s also a good idea to prepare and plan everything in advance. When you already know what you want to cook, better buy the ingredients and prepare them within your reach. By doing so, you’re avoiding hassle and rush situation when you run out of something and then get confused and be panic of where to find cantaloupe or dark chocolate, for example. Early preparation is good to avoid the pressure on the day.

It’s good for your nerve and also everyone’s. Another good idea is to cook freezable food. By doing so, you can cook the meal a day or two days before the big day and have them frozen up. During the big day, you only need to heat them up and everybody’s happy, especially you.

If you’re confuse about what food are freezable, hit the online, library, or book stores. Information is provided and scattered around you. You just need to find them out. You’ll be surprised to know that there are so many freezable appetizers, entrees, deserts, and even cakes and cookies that can be made.

One most important thing about cooking for special occasion is just be yourself. If you’re comfy enough in cooking mash potatoes and meatlover pizza, for example, don’t go out from that comfort zone. Keep cooking those meals.

Maybe you can develop the recipe a little so it will have different taste or shape. But don’t try too hard to cook cordon bleu or chicken ala-something if you’ve never tried it. Again, cooking is supposed to be fun. It’s supposed to be your way of showing the audience that you care for them. Don’t ruin the day for being stressed out or try to overdo everything. Just be yourself and let everything flow.

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