Have you ever heard about Sunday dinner? Well, in case you’ve never heard of it, it refers to the dinner on church ground as a part of church occasion. It usually takes place every week and uses potluck system, which means that every person or family can bring something as their potluck offering. These offerings then gathered up in one place and then everybody enjoy the dinner together by eating all the food provided in the potluck bearing.

When you know what potluck means, you expect there’ll be many different kinds of dish available there, right? Wrong! Based on my experience, I often witness many families come with fried chickens as their potluck offering. Do you think it only happen once? Nope!

It happens every week when the Sunday dinner is on. Do you think only one family bring the same fried chicken over and over again? Guess again! During Sunday dinner, most of the families who are coming bring the same chicken over and over again. Sometimes they’re even trademarked as the fried chicken families.

Well, it’s not like I disagree with their offering or I have something against the fried chicken or I even have something against their families; it’s just I think they can do more than that.

There are hundreds of easy, fantastic, and great recipes available out there that need to be tried, rather than keep on going with the fried chicken tradition. But who am I to judge them, anyway? Maybe they have their own reason for not preparing other cooking. Maybe they don’t have the time or don’t know what to cook or they run out of ideas. Who knows?

When you want to cook something for the Sunday dinner, keep in mind that you shouldn’t cook complicated or difficult recipes. Remember, the best food you can provide as your potluck offering should be the one that you enjoy cooking and eating.

When we cook something that we like and familiar with, the result will come out better than the one you feel compelled to cook. The reason for this success is because you like the food and enjoy it. You don’t think of it as a duty or a task. When you start thinking of it as a task, the result won’t be that satisfying.

Don’t cook the same dish over and over again, although it’s heavenly delicious. No matter how delicious it is, people – and also you – will be bored and get sick of it. Try to find ideas from magazines or online recipes. You can change the dish from week to week. For example, this week you bring in salad. Next week you can bring casserole or omelet. The following week you can bring deserts. It can make you enjoy the preparation and people will expect your coming. They might even guess what you’ll bring next time.

When it comes to Sunday dinner, you don’t need to be confused or stressed out. Just like other cooking, cooking for Sunday dinner can be fun and enjoyable. If you want to impress other people, you need to impress yourself. So just have fun and good luck!

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