If you are interested in learning how to design a garden, the first thing you need to understand is that it requires a lot of planning. Designing gardens is the process and art of creating and designing plans for planting the landscapes and gardens. It can be done by professionals with varying levels of expertise and experience or by the owner of the garden themselves.

Most of the professional designers of garden are trained in horticulture and in the principles of design. When they design a garden, they have an adequate experience and expert knowledge of how to design a garden. Some professional designers have also qualified as landscape architects through a more formal training that often requires a state license and an advanced degree.

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Many amateur gardeners attain this level of gardening experience by working extensive hours in their gardens. They learn to design a garden by doing casual study and practice, joining different clubs for gardening, by attaining a serious degree in the Master Gardener Programs or by going on a private city garden design course.

Gardening is defined as the activity of maintaining and growing a garden. A gardener may also design a garden in a different non-garden setting like a park or any roadside embankments. Gardens can be used for growing flowers and plants.

All you need is just a large or small plot of land and then you can design a garden with rocks, soil or any other theme that you like. People usually design a garden to add more beauty to their homes, but the garden is not only used for adding beauty. It can also become a peaceful place to rest your mind, a nice place where you could relax and sit, sip of hot cup of coffee or tea and enjoy the beautiful sight of flowers and plants.

More and more people are becoming avid garden owners. Many have started to design gardens as their hobby. Many more are becoming a professional garden designers by learning new techniques to design a garden through city garden design courses.

While you design a garden, an important consideration is to establish in advance exactly how it would be used. Another factor is to establish what are your favorite decorative and stylistic genres. The become the basic principles upon which you can design a garden.

People use their gardens for all kinds of reasons. Some love growing vegetables, flowers and plants. People also tend to design a garden for arranging parties and entertaining guests in their beautifully decorated lawns.

All of these considerations are subject to the limitation of your budget. Such limitations can of course be addressed by picking a simpler style for your garden with fewer plants, less costly materials and seeds instead of using a wide range of plants, borders and so forth to design a garden. The garden owners can also choose to design garden over time by slowly covering area by area.

If you plan to design a garden which is small in size, privacy is always a concern. You can always deal with this problem by creating the planted screens by using the hedges on your garden’s boundary.

You can also redirect the focus within garden by using the focal points like a water feature or a stunning plant specimen or two. You might like to consider as well including a pergola which is trained with garden canopy or climbers for giving you the privacy from above.

While you design a garden, you can use water features as they are quite useful for noisy gardens. Water feature helps in drowning out the noises of traffic or neighbors.

Straight lines can also work in the small gardens as the geometry of garden architecture is reflected through them, making the garden a part of your home. You can start to design a garden with geometric shapes and straight lines close to your home before you move into more fluid curves and semi-circles.

While many a larger garden is being designed like the gardens in the countryside, you need to be sure that your garden blends in with the local environment of your house and the rural landscape beyond. This is just one of the challenges when you choose to design a garden.

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