Gardening requires patience and the proper care in order for you to have positive results. A healthy flower garden requires plenty of sunshine, moisture, and the properly blended soil. There are two approaches to providing proper assistance to the soil. The first approach is to use chemicals and fertilizers while the second approach involves organic methods that rely on natural substances to improve the condition of the soil.

Gardening consists of taking care of living things. All living things require proper nutrition and a balance of elements to maintain proper health. Soil is not any different than any other living thing; it needs proper nutrition and a delicate balance of the right elements to maintain good health. In nature this balance takes hundreds of years.

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Healthy soil consists of an assortment of materials in the proper composition. There are some plants that can grow in less healthy or sandier soil than other plants but generally, the better the soil, the healthier the plant.

The proper mix of clay, sand, and silt in soil makes the best soil. This mix is the ideal combination for gardening, since it contains the correct balance of nutrients.

To find out if your soil has the proper mix you should pick-up a handful and test it in your hand. When you compress it in your hand it should crumble in chunks. If the soil feels gritty then it is a sign that it contains too much sand. If you can make a ball out of it then it has too much clay in it.

If your soil is not of the proper consistency, then don’t despair you can easily amend the soil to get it just right for growing flowers. A rejuvenation program could take a few years to perfect the soil, but there are things you can do right away to insure this years flowers get proper nutrients.

You will need to take a sample of the soil to determine what the current situation is and how to correct it. The rejuvenation process can start with tilling the soil and adding the necessary elements.

You can also put down a layer of top soil. Even with a layer of top soil placed one year you will need to check the soil again the following year to see if it has retained its balance.

It is also a good idea to protect the soil by covering it with mulch. This layer of protection is used to help prevent the erosion process that may occur each year. The wind and rain will typically affect an area and this can cause you to lose your top layer of soil and consequently it should be protected.

As mentioned earlier the proper amount of moisture is also vital to the healthy development of a flower garden. While loamy soil is naturally good at retaining moisture you may still need to supplement that amount of water that the garden receives form rain. Of course this will vary depending on the weather conditions of your location.

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