Environmental charities seek to raise awareness about environmental issues that plague our daily lives, promote co-existence with the Earth and other creatures, and fight against injustices against fauna and flora in regions of the world.

Finding a charity that will actually put your money to work and use the money as they promised may be more difficult and require more research time on your part.

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Environmental Charities

When choosing a charity, establish some criteria to narrow your search. What causes are you interested in? Do you want to help organizations that help protect animals in a certain region or are you interested in preserving precious land? Do you want to donate money to a company that is in your area or a company that raises awareness about issues in a region of the world you’ve never even been to?

Are you going to be donating money, your time, or household goods? Review the charities’ sources of income, then analyze how and where money was allocated and used. By educating yourself on the various environmental charities that are operating, you will find a reputable charity and have peace of mind with the knowledge that your money and time will be used appropriately.

Here is a listing of the some top environmental charities you may never have heard of:

Earth Justice

— “Because the Earth needs a good lawyer.” Earth Justice is a public interest law firm that fights to defend and protect the Earth’s natural resources, wildlife, and wilderness.

Some current campaigns include protecting wolves in the northern Rockies, protecting public land in the Northwest from deforestation, and protecting the abundant wildlife and environment of the Sierra Nevada. Their site is very easy to navigate through and they even show pie graphs and offer their financial reports so you can examine how donations are used.

The Sierra Club Foundation

— This charity promotes the enjoyment and exploration of Earth by protecting valuable entities such as the endangered population of polar bears, national forests across the country, and reinstating the mighty grizzly bear on the Endangered Species List.

It’s easy to locate current actions and campaigns, and signing up for membership is simple. With the click of a mouse, you can navigate to local Sierra Club Chapters and local issues that affect your environment.

World Resources Institute

— An environmental think tank that promotes co-existing with the Earth by protecting its resources through research and finding and implementing solutions.

Upcoming events include the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Poland that will include thousands of representatives from almost 200 countries coming together to examine ways to move forward with the fight against global climate change. Every officer and staff of the various departments are listed and pictured along with their contact information.

Earth Island Institute

— A public interest charity that conserves and restores ecosystems around the world. Current campaigns include the Borneo Project which protects rainforests and human rights, the China Rivers Project which protects the people and wildlife that live off the the various rivers in China, and the Green Cafe Network which raises awareness of dwindling resources and overconsumption and promotes sustainability. The organization also publishes a quarterly journal that highlights many environmental issues that are popping up everywhere.

The Alliance for Climate Protection

— Raises awareness of the growing climate crisis and through education hopes to unite people to solve this crisis. The organization, founded by Nobel Peace Prize winner and environmental advocate Al Gore, wants us to stop relying on fossil fuels that pollute our air and water, call for positive action from government leaders who realize the urgency of finding solutions for global warming, and reduce our carbon footprint.

Current campaigns include writing to ABC executive to stop promoting Big Oil and run ads from this organization that promote renewable resources, contacting power companies to become carbon-free, and taking the Al Gore challenge which challenges America to use 100% renewable energy by the year 2018.

There are great sections on the site that outline solutions to global problems and success stories that prove that, by joining with others, we can make significant changes.

These are just some of the hundreds of environmental charities that exist. Find a cause that moves you and donate today. The Earth is counting on you.

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