Having a garden is a wonderful thing in itself. It is peaceful and beautiful and gives you a chance to putter around outdoors and enjoy nature. But if you want to make your garden even more wonderful, you will want to include some flowers that attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

These wonderful winged creatures can add depth and dimension to your garden as they fly about delighting young and old. While a flower garden is nice to look at, a flower garden with hummingbirds and butterflies is truly a wonderful sight.

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Attracting butterflies to one’s garden may seem like an easy task by simply planting flowering plants. But not all plants attract butterflies. Of course, one of the most powerful attractors is the butterfly bush – aptly named because it attracts several species of butterfly.

You can also do some things in your garden in addition to the plants which make butterflies want to stay around longer. Butterflies need water so putting a small dish with some water among your plants can help. Also, they need shelter from the wind so keep your butterfly garden away from windy areas. You might also consider one of those butterfly houses to really improve on the butterfly population in your garden.

Another addition to a lovely garden is the presence of hummingbirds. These creatures are quite selective and are only drawn to flowers with 10% sugar. They also feed on smaller insects since they need protein in addition to the carbohydrates they get from nectar.

There are certain flowers that these nectar loving creatures simply cannot resist. Having them around is a sure guarantee to get all the pretty butterflies and hummingbirds to drop by more often. Hummingbirds seem to love flowers that are bright orange or red. Flowers that are rich in nectar include asters, marigolds, cosmos, foxgloves, coneflowers and zinnias.

Being very highly visible, in addition to the nectar content, makes azaleas, mimosa and honeysuckle very attractive to hummingbirds and a patch of red monarda is sure to bring hummingbirds in droves. As mentioned above, butterfly bushes and their blossoms in red, pink, violet and white colors, on the other hand, are a sure hit for any kinds of butterflies.

When you plan your garden, be sure to include some of these flowers that are not only a beautiful addition in themselves, but will also attract a variety of butterflies and hummingbirds to make your garden even more enjoyable.

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