When you get ready to make a garden area, proper planning is a must. Without it the project will become much more difficult than it really is. Without proper planning, the finished project may, actually, detract from the beauty of your home instead of enhancing it. Here are some garden design ideas to incorporate into your home garden.

The best way to get ideas for your home garden is to look at other landscaped yards in your neighborhood. Note the ideas that you like, and things you don’t feel comfortable with. Look on internet for ideas and in books in your local library. Pay close attention to the designs, coverings and plants that are used. Each one gives a different aspect to the way the finished project will look.

No matter what you decide to do, always cover the area with a professional weed barrier so you won’t have to constantly battle with weeds in the days and months to come. If you have a small, odd shaped area, use different textures to spark interest. For example: You can use brick for a patio, a natural stone or pea gravel for the walkway and crushed rock in all of the other areas.

Curves are great in any size of space, but when they are used in small spaces they give an illusion of extra space. You can connect the curves or form curves that are parallel to each other. You can connect the small flower and bush spaces by using the same flowers along the edges. Curves create a sense of motion, appeal and flow.

Before you can actually begin the garden, you need to determine what it will be used for. Will it just be for flowers or will there be a sitting area where you can sit and enjoy reading a book or visiting with friends? Will there be pathways that need to be planned? Once the purpose has been determined, it’s time to begin.

It is possible to create a beautiful garden effect just by using pathways that go from different areas to one specific place. For example, you may have two pathways coming off of the street sidewalk from two different directions, and joining in front of the front entry way to the house. Depending on the size of the yard, this can create 3 or 5 spaces for flowers, bushes or trees.

In this type of garden the plant area that is closest to the house and farthest from the road should have a taller tree or bush than the other spaces have so that the eyes are drawn toward the house.

This creates height and a focal point in the garden. The other areas should have smaller bushes and flowers. Remember to connect the spaces by using the same flowers or small shrubs around the edges of each section.

Take the time to look and plan exactly what you want your garden to look like before you begin the work. Use the garden design ideas that you have found by looking around your neighborhood and searching the library and internet. When it’s all put together, you will have a garden that will enhance the beauty of your home and raise its value at the same time.

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