This year Halloween falls on a Friday, meaning a whole weekend full of festivities; and it couldn’t have come at a better time. While the country watches and waits as the economists argue back and forth about whether the financial bailout will help Wall Street or Main Street, everyone could use a little comic relief.

Saturday Night Live is already doing its part to provide some diversion with its Thursday night updates, so why not follow its example and make a little fun of your own October 31st weekend?

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Halloween Fun Isn’t Just For Kids

In case you may be fresh out of ideas for a grown up Halloween party, or just looking for a few new spins for your tried-and-true party plan, Midori Melon Liqueur has come to the rescue. The company joined forces with event planner Lorena Bendinskas.

If you’re a tabloid junkie, you may know Lorena as the co-founder of Silver Spoon Entertainment Marketing, a company dedicated to the ultimate in star treatment for celebrities before and during award shows. She has put together a guide for a stylish bash that you can create at home, and Midori made those ideas public in a recent press release.

The first item on your to do list is the decor. Lorena advises that you pick a theme and keep it “consistent throughout all elements of the party.” She suggests lighting the bathroom with pumpkin-scented candles and draping all of your mirrors with faux spider webs.

To get maximum fright effect, have your guests be greeted by fog from a fog machine when you open the front door, or let them walk into your living room to see that another guest has already arrived — a life-sized skeleton who’s made himself comfortable on your sofa.

A few other items that will add that classic ghoulish touch to your party include:

  • Pumpkin place mats (Williams Sonoma)
  • Faux glitter candelabra (Z Gallerie)
  • Skull cocktail shaker and Double Old-Fashioned glasses (Pottery Barn)
  • Michael Jackson’s Thriller 25th Anniversary Edition CD (Tower Records)

Next, move on to food and drink, because as Lorena says, they are essential to creating a world-class event. You don’t have to spend a wad to put together a great menu, you just need to re-think some of your favorite finger foods and add a few flourishes.

A great example that Lorena recommends is cutting pigs in a blanket in half and adding a dollop of ketchup at the end to make “toe sandwich”.

When it comes to beverages, Midori took the lead and offered the following brews:

Midori’s Witch’s Cauldron Punch

  1. 1 750ml bottle of Midori Melon Liqueur
  2. 63 oz. of orange juice
  3. 12 oz. of SKYY Vodka
  4. 32 oz. of club soda
  5. Mix all of the ingredients in a punch bowl or cauldron. Stir and serve with a ladle.

Midori Phantom

  1. 1 oz. Midori Melon Liqueur
  2. 1 oz. Pernod
  3. 1/2 oz. water
  4. 1 egg white

Pour the Midori into a champagne flute. Shake the water and Pernod, and then place it on top of the Midori. Whip the egg white until it is foamy, and layer it on the mixture. When you serve this cocktail, try adding a licorice stick as an edible stirrer.

Just keeep in mind while you’re having all of this fun to drink responsibly. You want your guests to remember your event for all the right reasons, not because it led to a tragedy.

Pic of the Day: Baby and his Puppy in my FB feed

Baby and his Puppy in my FB feed