Cooking for families can be a difficult case but can also be an easy one. It’s not only about what kind of food to cook but also about a matter of health and nutritious issue. Every mother wishes their families are healthy.

Every mother wants all the family members to eat whatever the mother cooks, which is mostly healthy food consisting of grains, beans, vegetables, fruits, and other healthy stuff. Well, everyone can dream but not all of their dreams come true. You can cook whatever healthy food you want, but what would it use when there’s nobody in the family that will eat them?

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This is the classic problems often faced by mothers. In one side they really want to prepare healthy food for the loved ones, but on the other side, they know their children mostly would refuse such food and won’t eat the prepared meal.

The mothers love their families very much but they also don’t want to spend long time in preparing and cooking when they know no one would eat the food. So what should they do?

Well, if you really want to teach your children about healthy life style, you must change your life style too. It’s a bout the way of life; it’s not magic. If you want a change, don’t expect it to happen in one night.

The changing of life style takes time, but if you’re patient and not easily lose hope, you won’t regret it. First, you need to change your life style and incorporate healthy stuff into your daily diet and eating pattern. When your family – especially your children see this – they would follow your foot steps. Don’t give up and be persistent. Show them that healthy food and life style can be fun too.

Second, cook your regular food or bake your regular cake, but include healthy stuff like carrot, spinach, or cucumber in it. Most of these healthy stuffs won’t show in the taste. They even might taste more delicious when they’re cooked as cookies, cakes, or deserts.

You can also try making chips from salted cucumber and have it as snacks. Through this way, you’re teaching a lesson that healthy food can also taste delicious and look normal like other regular food.

Third, ask your children to cook together with you. Not only is this a good way to bond but also it can show them that healthy food can be delicious too. Most children think that healthy food must look hideous with bad-smell. Show them that it’s wrong to think that way. Healthy food is just like regular food.

There’re many ideas you can come up with concerning these healthy food. You can go to the bookstores or library to search for healthy food recipes. You can also browse the entire internet for free recipes, I’m sure you’ll end up with hundreds of interesting recipes. Healthy recipes don’t always mean complicated or difficult steps. Most of them are simple and easy to follow. So don’t worry about healthy cooking for family anymore. Now you know the trick to do so.

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