In our house, and probably like many families, the kitchen is a gathering spot. We hang out in the kitchen in the morning as my daughter gets ready for school. We sit in our booth in the afternoons looking over mail, reading books, eating snacks.

At dinner time, we laugh at and share silly moments in our day. Unfortunately, the rest of the kitchen is an eye sore, and the husband and I desperately want to remodel. It’s been our goal for the past three years to remodel our kitchen with the forest green tiles and hideous white cabinets, but it’s been a slow process.

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Here are a few things you can do this weekend to update your tired and uninspiring kitchen:

1. Paint

This is a very affordable option when updating your kitchen’s look. White cabinets make a kitchen look dated and weary. When deciding on the color of paint, look for colors that reflect the mood you want and reflect your own personality.

If your kitchen is full of light, paint your cabinets a dark hue. The contrast will be amazing. If you only have a few windows and your kitchen is fairly dark, paint your cabinets a bright and sunny color. Try to use different painting techniques like marbling, ragging, and sponging.

2. Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet Hardware

If your cabinets currently sport the original wood handles, look for handles that are more contemporary, like metal hardware. Retailers like Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Target carry many varieties of handles, knobs, and pulls. Turn your 1960′s kitchen into a contemporary haven with just a few turns of a screwdriver.

3. Backsplash


Your backsplash can be riddled with dirt and oil that’s too disgusting to think about. Instead of complaining about the problem, do something about it. You can paint the backsplash, put some decorative wallpaper up, or buy a few inexpensive tile pieces to update the area behind your stove.

4. Windows


Add window treatments to those bare windows. If you have window treatments, but they’re more than 10 years old, it’s time for something new. Look for fabrics that complement your kitchen. If want to achieve an airy and light look, look for gauzy, lightweight material that the sunlight can filter through easily.

5. Lighting


Lighting is an important aspect of any room and the kitchen is no different. Add a colorful or elegant pendant light over the kitchen table. Home Depot and Lowe’s have an assortment of pendant lights and other lighting options that are affordable.

6. Fabric


Adding a rich and vibrant tablecloth will add life to any kitchen. If you’re sick of looking at the same kitchen chairs and can’t afford to replace them, add some decorative chair cushions. Chair covers turn any kitchen table into a stylish piece of furniture.

Get rid of that drab kitchen you’ve detested for too long and transform it into a lovely centerpiece for your house that you won’t be ashamed of.

Pic of the Day: Kitchen island with built in seating

Kitchen island with built in seating