My kids, like all kids, love toys. It could be the size of a thumbtack or bigger than my husband; if they hear the word “toy”, they’re suddenly smitten. In this technology-based world, it’s difficult to find toys that don’t require batteries or that don’t need to be plugged in.

Batteries never last very long and I don’t let the kids plug anything in on their own. Luckily, I’ve found a handful of toys that are award-winning, cool and battery-free.

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The Wheely Bug

The Wheely Bug is a sure hit. The bright colors will catch the attention of any child and adult. The castors are rated to hold a very heavy load and can move in any direction: forward, backward, sideways. Your child can even do donuts if he wants to. Powered by feet and legs. $69.99 (small size), $79.99 (large size).


The mere aesthetic of the Bilibo makes me laugh, and maybe that’s why it’s so popular with kids. The curved form makes it an uber-toy — kids can put it in on their backs and pretend to be turtles or they can sit in it and spin like dazzling tops until they get dizzy (or until you get dizzy).

You can also rock and sit in the Bilibo. It’s up to your child’s imagination how he plays with it — it is the 21st century cardboard box. No extension cord required. $27.95.

 Zoobies Pets

Adorable, cuddly and soft, Zoobies Pets will grab hold of your child’s heart immediately. Your child can use a Zoobie animal as a stuffed animal, blanket or pillow. So versatile and too cute. No need for outlets. $29.99


I wish I had Daydream Toy’s Beanstalk when I was a kid.

A little taller than two feet tall, these huggable, posable, standable creatures will bring out squeals of delight from children age 1 to 90. Battery-free. $19.99

The Plasmacar

The Plasmacar is ultra-cool.

Fueled by merely moving the steering wheel back and forth, your child can move safely at almost 10 kilometers an hour. I just have to get one of these… for myself. Surely you know a little somebody who could fall in love with one of these toys.

Pic of the Day: Newborn baby adjusting to being outside the womb

Newborn baby adjusting to being outside the womb