Although the regular flower gardens are bound to never lose their charm, more and more options are being considered to create a unique landscape. After all, there is always that need to be different in a pleasing way. When it comes to flower gardens, ground covers can fill in those gaps and add interest to your landscape.

The term ground cover is in reference to any kids of plant that grows over a specific area of the ground. These plants grow low and are made use of for various purposes. Aside from the plants’ various benefits, their functions as ground covers are also very important. They add beauty to the whole area as they cover bare soil. More so, they are very effective in the prevention of soil erosion.

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There are a number of ground cover plants that are highly attractive. They are perfect for aesthetic purposes. Adding some ground cover plants to your flower garden is definitely a good option for anybody. Here are some good points about it.

1. They make use of the soil. Making use of a land area for plants is a good way to maintain the healthy quality of the soil especially when ample care is taken by the gardener through regular fertilization and watering.

2. There is lesser possibility of soil erosion. Plants not only look good but they also play a great role in preventing soil erosion. The roots of plants hold soil together and keep if from washing away during rainy times.

3. Garden covers keep the soil healthy. They serve as insulating covers that keep the soil cool during the summer and also help to hold water in. More so, these plants are very useful in building the level of humus present in the soil. They serve as living mulch and are also perfect insects that are good for your garden to live in.

4. Weeds are kept off with the presence of ground cover plants. Since they grow in a way that ends up covering the entire area, there is no space left for the seed of the weeds to occupy and grow in. More so, they are the perfect alternative for growing turf grass.

5. They are perfect for steep slopes and areas near the sidewalks. This is because they do not need much irrigation and are perfect for keeping the soil in elevated areas in its place.

Just like anything else, there are some drawbacks to groundcovers. One of the more serious ones is the fact that they provide the perfect habitat for slugs, snakes and other garden pests. It is of course wise to avoid pest susceptible vegetation in areas where such pests abound.

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