If you are into gardening then here are a few tips for planting and caring for bulbs and tubers in your garden. These will help the new gardener or might even offer up some new ideas for the experienced gardener as well.

The first thing to keep in mind is to make you are planting at the correct time of year. Some bulbs and tubers need to be planted in the spring while others need to be planted in the summer or even in the fall. Time of year is very important for successful growth with a great number of plants. If you are uncertain then you should collect this information before you begin.

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Bulbs and tubers may not grow as well in your average soil. You may want to add a special bulb planting mix for best results. These are usually rich in calcium and special nutrients that bulbs and tubers need most. You can place this mixture in the hole before planting.

There are special tools designed for plating bulbs. Each different type of bulb may require a different planting depth in your soil. Bulb planters allow you to gage the depth at which you are planting to get exact results. They also lift out the soil allowing you to add any need nutrients before planting and replacing the soil.

After the actual planting the care is much like that of any other flower in your garden. You weed and prune as necessary. Add mulch if need. Make sure they have adequate water especially during the dry seasons.

Once the blooms begin to die, you will want to let them die back naturally. The dead blooms have nutrients the bulbs need to store in order for proper blooming in the following season. This may apply to tubers as well. You should always check any special instructions for any new flower you are planting because care and watering needs often vary.

If you are wondering on the difference of bulbs and tubers, they are actually quite similar. Bulbs are quite compact and bulb shaped – usually round or teardrop and they don’t have any roots showint. Tubers can be more like a bloated root – longer than a bulb and usually with a root system attached.

Some common flowers that come in bulb form include tulips, daffodils, iris, lilies, and narcissus. Some flowers that are grown from tubers include begonias, caladium, dahlia and gloxinia.

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