Flowering shrubs can help spruce up any home. They look beautiful and many of them flower all year round in warmer climates. Another great thing about them is that they are very easy to care for and don’t require much maintenance.

Remember though, this is just a basic guide. If you want your shrubs to live up to their full potential, research the needs of your specific species.

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In order to grow big healthy shrubs, you want to make sure the soil you plant them in is very rich. If you have dry, gray soil don’t worry, you can bring it back to life. Simply buy some humus or use compost from your own kitchen to supplement your soil.

To prepare for the shrub, dig the area you want to plant them in. Get around 4 inches down and turn over the shovel so the bottom layer is now exposed to the air. This will aerate the soil and loosen it up a little so the roots of the shrubs have an easier time taking hold. Also, while you are doing this, pound your shovel into the dirt to break up any large pieces that may have clumped together.

You want to have soil that is as fine as possible. Once you are finished, get some potting soil or fertilizer from the home supply store and pour it on top. Mix it all together but be sure you down pack down the soil too much or it will become hard again.

You want to plant your shrubs about 5 inches in the ground making sure that none of the roots are near the surface. When you plant your shrubs, place them at the angle you want them to grow. Make sure you place them well because they will be very hard to change once they start getting bigger. You can plant a shrub every 8 to 12 inches (you may have to plant further or closer apart depending on your species of shrub).

Firmly pat the soil around each shrub so they don’t topple or loosen too much from the wind. For the first few months don’t water the shrubs with a hose. They are still very fragile and may break or become uprooted from the water pressure. Instead, use a watering can and gently water around the plant. Don’t poor the water on top.

In a few weeks you should notice an overall increase in size for your shrubs. The spot where you planted them should get full sun in the summer with as little shade as possible. Shrubs do not need to be watered everyday. 2 or 3 times a week is enough but when you do water, water deep and long so the roots grow down into the ground.

To keep your shrubs healthy and well fed, you should probably mix in plant food every 3 to 5 months. And if the winter months where you live get below 0, cover the plants in aerated plastic so they don’t burn. As the shrubs begin to flower keep pruning the offshoots. This will keep the shrubs nice and neat and keep it from blocking out the other plants.

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