Reduce Stress with Yoga

Physical fitness is essential to daily health and well-being, and yoga can be a great way to improve flexibility, endurance and your overall physical and mental health. Additionally, yoga can also help to alleviate stress and clear your mind for increased mental function and clarity.

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The following guide will explain how yoga can be used as a stress reliever and will include a few basic poses said to help eliminate, or at least significantly reduce, emotional stress.

The Meaning of Yoga

While yoga offers many benefits, including improved flexibility and better balance, it can also open you up to increased mental clarity, focus, and reduced stress levels.

Because yoga focuses on becoming at peace, both physically and mentally, it’s a great exercise to perform in times of severe mental stress and anxiety. This article from MedicineNet details a case study about a woman who practiced yoga to help alleviate symptoms of bipolar disorder, and offers information about studies that have been conducted proving that yoga definitely has mood-lifting benefits.


There are a variety of poses that are specifically designed to help alleviate emotional and mental stress. These three poses (including the Child’s Pose, Uttanasana, and Legs Up on the Wall) are perfect for a novice yoga practitioner and can help reduce stress and clear the mind.

The palm press can also help relieve stress, both physical and mental. While specifically designed to reduce tension in your neck and shoulders, it can also be a useful pose when you are feeling under the weather or emotionally drained.

To gain an understanding of an additional 5 yoga poses used for stress relief, this helpful video from The Mayo Clinic can give you a visual representation of yoga poses you can incorporate into your own routine.

While generally considered safe, you should still consult with your doctor before beginning any yoga exercise routine. Once you have the go-ahead, begin using the above yoga poses to reduce stress and enhance mental clarity.

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