Around about spring many people start searching the internet for the term “garden design London”. In preparation for the coming BBQ season, you may well be thinking about garden design London yourself. Because beautifully designed gardens help to make our homes more welcoming, it pays to take more time over our garden’s design and thereby improve the quality of our outdoor living.

Having a well designed garden not only adds to the value of your home but also gives a new dimension to your living space. It is a part of your house like a living room. So designing a most beautiful garden according to your particular lifestyle is just as important as your in-house design.

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To design a garden there are many factors which we you need to think of. The starting point of garden design London is planning. Proper planning and design should reflect your choice and style about gardening. Small London gardens, small city gardens in general, or even those places in larger gardens where space is less available, they can all be turned to a kind of mini-heaven with the application of quality architectural garden design.

Choosing the right landscape style is not an easy task to begin with. Seeking to match your lifestyle, house, located area with all the many possible designs, it is very hard to choose the right one from all of them. So have a look to some key points that might help you to choose the right balance for the design of your garden.
Consider the purpose of your plant selection, the moisture needs, sun or shade, what insects and diseases do your plants need to be resistant to, the soil type needed.
Good garden design often means planting your garden in primary and secondary levels. Primary plants take up more area but secondary plants are fewer in number. Some plants are very well grown, some are like bushes, and some are very small and want to stay close to the ground.

Whatever type of plants you plant in your garden area, your selection often looks best if it appropriately reflects your local environment. For example, if your fence is old and unsightly, then you should plant the type of plants that will cover it. Of course the choice of materials is dependent on your budget. So seek out the best you can afford. If you have a beautiful white fence for your garden, then you should plant colorful flowers to add color but not grow so tall.

An important part of what you get when you search for garden design London is a guide to the shape of your garden and what plants would best go in there. It is very important to ensure a simple and nice shape with the plants in your garden. Of course, you can establish any kind of shape you like for your garden. You might even want to reflect the shape with your house and mirror its own inimitable style.

Example: oval, creeping, columnar, vase etc. Plant the color of flowers that you like most and which are most suitable for that season. If you find you are left with some empty looking spaces in your garden, then consider decking it out with a table and two or three chairs. If you can you afford a big umbrella roof for the table, then you will be able to relax in your garden come rain or shine.

Those who live in apartments are denied the joys of a garden and so it may seem that garden design London is not for you. However, the terraces and the roofs of your apartment can be turned into a useful and inviting outdoor space. Roof gardens also need to be planned with care.

In that case we can select that kind of plant that is low cost to buy and happy to live its life in containers or pots. You will find that even some kinds of trees are happy to live in containers. Bare in mind that your roof garden will possibly need more treatment and care. You should neutralize the soil and water the plants properly. Slow release fertilizers and irrigation is now very easy to find, some even operate with the help of computerization.

You can also create a natural climate in your garden. For a roof garden you can use seasonal trees which protect the rest of the plants even in the harshest of seasons. You can make a tropical look or a forest look around your garden by planting fast growing bamboo, palm trees or banana plants with their architecturally pleasing leaves. Introducing this kind of thick lush foliage works wonders, particularly in small London gardens. If you create a kind of tropical feel you could end up with a real urban jungle!

You can create many styles of adventurous gardens if you follow along with good London garden design. Set a micro climate to encourage the more tender trees and create a more exotic garden. You can also make a water feature or pond as part of your garden design in your garden. Above all else, it is most important for you and your lifestyle to create a vibrant outdoor look and feel with your garden design London.

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