Small garden design brings up many questions. What to do with that small space in your backyard? It’s a tiny plot but you’d still like to plant a few things there, exercise your gardening muscle a bit. Is it even possible? Do you really need a large space to have not only a beautiful, but a very successful garden?

There’s good news for you and all the others who may be in your shoes: with good small garden design yes, it is very possible.

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There are small garden designs, not only available on the internet, but most likely in your own local home and garden supply store. You may have seen examples in movies or on the internet of gardens being planted on top of roofs or even in a small corner of a patio. It all goes to prove that the ‘normal’ gardening concepts are making way for unique and innovative designs and locations.

What are some of these small garden designs that may be available for you to choose from? One of those designs is the Mailbox Garden. This consists of a small plot, usually 3 x 5 feet, surrounding a street side mailbox. Of course, the plants must be low enough as to provide an unobstructed view and access to your mailbox.

Flowers such as lilacs, periwinkles or marigolds, anything you prefer really, will add a profusion of color and liven up that space.

Another small garden design is the Woodland Garden. This garden is one that allows you to showcase different species of ferns, along with flowers such as foamflower or bleeding heart, to provide a cheery, bright atmosphere.

Another example of a design for a small garden space is the Flower Garden. Who says all flower gardens have to be huge and extensive? You can have the smaller version in your front yard to add a dash of pizzazz to your home.

Daylillies, yarrow or sedum are just some of the sturdy flowers you can add to this type of garden to add those bold colors you may be looking for. You can also go for the Soft, Romantic Garden. Here is your chance to add your favorite roses, daisies or even daylilies for that delicate look.

These flowers are able to withstand tough conditions, so you won’t have to worry about working too hard to achieve the look you’re going for.

For a more dramatic look, you can be a little daring and create a small pond in a section of your yard to create a little water garden. Fill it with tropical plants and you’ll have a wonderful show all summer long. That is definitely an idea that will generate interest and also be a good conversation piece when you have visitors over to your home.

Another small garden design for you to try would be the Foundation Garden. With this garden, your palette would be the foundation of your home. Add some color with roses, mixed in with some ferns to give a sensational look that is also sturdy and lasting.

There are many, many more designs available. There is a wealth of information just waiting to be discovered by you. The point of this article is to get you on your way and to show to you that there is a wide range of options for you to choose from. Whether you want to be conventional or think way outside the box, there is something for you.

Remember too that plans are not necessarily hard and fast rules, but are instead flexible and can be adjusted to suit your tastes. If you are at a loss when it comes to the varieties of flowers and what would work best for the plan you choose, simply consult a professional or visit a home and garden store or a greenhouse/nursery for some tips.

You can also receive helpful tips on the care of your plants and what works best according to the season. Happy planting! There is no end of possibilities and you are only bound by the limits of your imagination with small garden design.

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