Your kids love to play with toys, but play time can be educational with the right products. Teach your kids that learning can be fun with the best educational toys for kids of all ages.

6 mos. and up

Fisher-Price Go Baby Go

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For your young children at least 6 months of age, you can delight their senses with the Fisher-Price Go Baby Go! 1-2-3 Crawl Along Snail. The middle section of this delightful toy features cascading beads that tumble around and around, engaging your baby visually as well as encouraging hand/eye coordination with fun activities on each end of the toy.

Your baby will love crawling around after this engaging toy, and his cognitive senses will be enhanced as well when he pushes the toy around to activate lights and sounds.

1 year and up

Alphabet Pal from Leap Frog

Engage your child with the Alphabet Pal from Leap Frog. This crazy caterpillar toy has a funny little giggle and crawls around to help your child understand that learning is fun!

Includes four different modes to teach your child letters, letter sounds, music, and colors. If you pull Alphabet Pal’s string, you’ll hear the ABC song! Encourage your child to sing along with this educational, fun toy.

Parents can even hop onto Leap Frog’s website for more ideas on how to expand your child’s learning in fun, new ways.

3 years and up

Beanbag Toss

Invite preschool-aged children to learn the basics in a fun, innovative way without endless recitations or boring worksheets. With the complete Beanbag Learning Center, young children can reinforce basic numbers, colors, letters, and shapes with a beanbag toss.

The complete set includes 56 beanbags, a large board, and a guide to show you different ways to play. Each beanbag set is also sold separately.

5 years and up

Time Game from Orchard Toys

Make learning to tell time a fun and exciting activity with the Tell the Time Game from Orchard Toys. Children say the time aloud and try to make a match on the innovative playing board. School aged children will love playing this lotto-type game while they develop new skills with both analogue and digital times.

7 years and up

Apples to Apples game

The wildly popular Apples to Apples game now has its own kid-friendly version! This easy to play game includes 288 cards that are specifically designed for beginning readers and challenges their minds to make funny comparisons between kid-friendly topics.

While geared towards school-aged children, you can engage the whole family in this interactive, mind-challenging game!

10 years and up

Trebuchet Kit

Your child can explore the principles of mechanics while learning about three of the most historic and powerful medieval siege engines — the Catapult, the Siege Tower, and the Trebuchet.

Each kit contains only wood, rope, and leather to make each siege engine, and each piece is secured with wooden dowels instead of metal screws. No motors or batteries are used for moving parts, which makes this a great lesson on how simple materials can be transformed into effective products.

Each kit comes with safety instructions and a short history on each machine. Adult supervision is recommended.

With educational toys you can teach children that learning can be fun and actively engage them in learning letters, sounds, colors, telling time, and many other skills they’ll need to thrive.

These featured toys are all geared towards children of specific age groups, so no matter what age your child is you are guaranteed to find a fun and educational toy that works for them!

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