One of the most popular trends of growing flowers is building flower gardens in sunny spots. However, for gardeners that live in warm and sunny areas, it is best that they also know how to grow flowers in a shade garden. Building and maintaining a shade garden is a unique botanical experience that will give you a special sense of fulfillment.

Growing flowers in a shade garden requires restful, albeit delicate and subtle, care and maintenance. The architecture and textures of your garden are the main focus and bright colors in your flowers are sparingly used as garden accents. A typical shade garden provides the garden with respite and is typically woody and rugged. It is more of a form of escape rather than a rigorous gardening project.

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One of the tips for growing flowers in a shade garden is to focus on plant selection and the over-all design of the shade garden. You will be free from the anxiety of combating pesky weeds because weeds will not usually grow in the low levels of sunlight in a shade garden. With shade gardens, you are provided with a tidy space that needs to be maximized.

Selecting flowers that you wish to plant in your shade garden is important. This type of garden is obviously in the dark and flowers with deep colors will not stand out in the shade. Choose light-color flowers and foliage that will look vibrant and attractive even without sunlight. If you wish to add bright-colored wild flowers, do so sparingly and position them to act as accents in your shade garden.

Create contrast in your flowerbeds by combining deep-colored flowers and plants with light-colored foliage. Carefully choose the colors of the plants you wish to add in your garden in order to create contrast that is just enough to highlight the brightly-colored flowers that you wish to accentuate.

Be reminded that the true essence of this type of garden is subtlety and colors that bright and are concentrated in one area of the shade garden might just distract from the over-all design.

Perennials or flowers that bloom all throughout the year are great choices for a shade garden. Shade perennials with bright accents include daylilies, astilbe in shades of white and silver, Lenten roses and flox. Other foliage that will add twist and variety to the garden include heuchera, ferns, varieties of hostas and clum bamboo.

You can also choose to plant shade annuals but be wary of the flower species you will choose since some annuals do not grow as well in shade as they do under the sun. Some of the shade annual flowers include coleus, begonia, elephant ears, impatiens, canna and calla lilies.

Make sure that your shade plants get plenty of water every day. It is best that you add several inches of topsoil and organic material before planting to ensure that your shade flowers and foliage get enough nutrition for them to bloom all year long. With proper care and creativity, you can easily create your own shady heaven right in your very own shade garden.

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