Tulips are great flowers for any occasions and one of the first signs of spring. They come in various colors, which make them work perfectly for whatever event is at hand.

Historically, they play quite an important role in various early civilizations. In the modern times, one can also graze at miles and miles of lovely tulip flowers in bloom. As a matter of fact, tulips come in third as the most popular flower after rose and chrysanthemum. For those who are interested in gardening, tulips are a great bulb plant to include in your garden and one of the first bloomers you will see once the snow clears out.

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Coming originally from the Central and Western Asia area, tulips have been around for about 500 years. The name tulip comes from the Turkish tulbend, which means turban. This is in reference either to the inverted look of the flower, which resembles a turban, or to the actual use of the flower being placed inside a turban.

So, how do we grow such lovely blooms? Here are some tips for growing tulips in your garden:

Soil conditions

Tulips need good drainage. The best option is to go for sandy soil, which is airy and well-drained. Improper soil drainage can cause the tulip bulbs to rot. Adding compost to the soil is also a must like with any other kind of plants.


Since tulips come in different sizes, the most logical way to plant the bulbs deep enough is to get the bulbs’ sizes and multiply them by three. The result is the depth of the hole where the bulb should be planted in.

When To Plant

The best season to plant these flowering plants is during the fall.

Tulip Care

In terms of sun, tulips need a fair share of it but they will grow in partially shaded areas. For water, regular rainfall is enough for their healthy existence. However, they need to be watered at least once a week in warmer places. Fertilizing tulip plants at least twice a year is another must. The most recommended time is during the early part of spring right before they start to bloom. One tablespoon of the regular fertilizer in granules does the trick well enough.

Tulips are perhaps the cheeriest and most recognized flower. Whether it is a red, yellow or white one in bloom, there is no denying the beauty of a tulip and since they are fairly easy to grow, everyone can enjoy tulips right in their own yard.

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