Under the dark, listless clouds that blankets the city of Seattle, the doctors of Seattle Grace wrestle with the hectic bustling of a hospital. The protagonist, Meredith Grey, is just one of those doctors who strive to find a balance between the undeniable stress of work and the grievous multitude of confusion and instability that love can emit.

Grey’s Anatomy

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Grey’s life is a blatant mess. Her mom, also a doctor, was a emotionally and mentally unstable woman who had an affair with a married doctor, Dr. Richard Webber, that eventually ruined her.

Years of guilt and and regret weigh down Meredith’s youth and translates into her inability to love someone else without second guessing herself and running away from commitment. Ellen Pompeo fills Grey’s spirit with self-loathing, a willingness to accept failure, and a deep insecurity that uproots her relationships.

Sometimes you just want to scream at Grey and tell her to get over it already:
Leave behind your pride, forget how your upbringing screwed you up and move on, just move on!”

Grey is ineptly in love with Dr. Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey), a top neurosurgeon who has left NY for Seattle to escape the pain of a crumbling marriage and now lives in a secluded forest in a trailer. She can’t accept that this man wants her for her — no strings, no expectations except that she gives them a chance, but Grey is a saboteur in her own life.

Shepherd is a confident and strong-footed doctor whose need for a stable relationship brings him face to face with Grey. The show constantly revisits the idea of Grey and Shepherd as soul mates, but timing, Grey’s emotional instability, and her lack of security blurs this idea and you’re left to wonder if they should even be together. Sometimes the chronic back and forth between Grey and Shepherd is too much.

Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) has a disability when it comes to dealing with her emotions. Her drive to become the best doctor on staff at Seattle Grace has alienated many of her colleagues. Seasons one and two examined Cristina’s competitiveness and her struggle to explore a burgeoning relationship with Dr. Preston Burke (Isaiah Washington), the Head of Cardiothoracic Surgery.

Finally having agreed to marry Burke, Cristina has to talk herself into thinking that this marriage is something she can commit to completely. Unfortunately, Burke realizes the impending marriage will only drive Cristina mad and calls off the wedding.

Oh, who has received a Golden Globe and SAG Award for her portrayal of Cristina, infuses snarling spark into her character that cannot be overlooked. Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl) is a softy, unable to create any distance from her patience.

She agonizes with becoming emotionally attached to her patients and finds herself in a stagnant state in her life. In season two, Izzie falls for the charming Denny Duquette (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). In a tragic succession of events, Denny dies, leaving Izzie broken-hearted and inconsolable.

Heigl brings a warmth to Izzie’s character that is easy to sympathize with and you hope that Izzie will soon find the love that she has been waiting for. Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) is an egotistical resident who shows signs of brilliance and even compassion.

He is unable to remain in a monogamous relationship consistently. Karev is scarred by his riotous upbringing, having witnessed senseless beatings his father gave his mother.

He also lives with the fact that his mother was mentally unstable, when Ava/Rebecca Pope, an amnesia patient, falls under his care. Karev is taken by this woman and refuses to admit that she has mental issues that need to be addressed right away.

Again, another woman in Karev’s life has relied on him implicitly, only to abandon him because of a mental condition. Karev moves on too quickly, not allowing himself to think about his own actions and feelings.

Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) is the Chief Resident who is smart, tough, and always eager to prove to Dr. Richard Webber, the Chief of Surgery, that she has what it takes to move up the ladder in the hospital.

With her initiative and willingness to put her job above everything else, Bailey is unable to deal with the realities of being the Chief Resident and having a husband and baby that rely on her presence. As the Chief of Surgery, Dr. Richard Webber (James Pickens, Jr.) never tries to reveal his soft, vincible side.

The constant stress of his job drives his wife away; seeing Meredith is a reminder of his affair with her mother and he realizes that he has attained his dream, but at what cost? George O’Malley (T.R. Knight) gives too much of himself and goes from a crush on Grey to falling in love with and marrying Dr. Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez) and then cheating on her with Izzie. With the craziness present in his love life, O’Malley fails his intern exams.

As a gifted resident, O’Malley must rise above the distractions and put himself before anything or anyone. Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) is a pompous womanizer who speaks his mind and is unable to filter his thoughts. He had an affair with Shepherd’s wife (Addison), although he was best friends with him. A talented plastic surgeon, Sloan is unfulfilled emotionally.

Grey’s Anatomy is less about the intricate occurrences at a major hospital and more about a character study that reveals the flaws of individuals and the anatomy of relationships. It’s the constant disappointments, failures, and self-revelation that make this show successful.

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